Semifinals Workout #1
5 Rounds:
800 Meter Run
10 Clean & Jerks 165/115#

Workout Guidance
It’s a long one today folks.
Pack a bag lunch, an extra t-shirt, and remember to get your permission slip signed!
Also, pick a weight on the barbell that you can do quick singles when your heart rate is at 150+.\
Also also, if running isn’t your jam maybe it’s your jelly!

Mobility & Flow – Sudbury Popup Class!
When: Sunday June 2nd @ 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM
Where: TILT Fitness Center – 60 Union Ave – Sudbury
What: Roll, release and flow in this unique mobility class that uses myofascial rolling and mobility techniques to prepare athletes and self-described “inflexibles” for traditional yoga poses. Explore functional body positions and unlock hidden range of motion with mobilizations that target joint mechanics, sliding surfaces, and muscle dynamics to reduce the potential for injury and maximize physical performance.

TILT Hike at Blue Hills
When: Sunday June 2nd @ 10:00 AM
Where: Blue Hills Reservation – Canton, MA
Click HERE for trail

TILT Apparel Pre-order
Sign-up at the front desk for our new apparel order! Sign-up deadline June 10th