For Load:
Build To A Heavy 3 Back Squat
(1 3-Sec Pause + 2 Normal)
2/2/2, 4/4/4, 6/6/6…
Goblet Squat @ 53/35
Box Jump Over @ 24/20″
Hand Release Push-Up

Workout Guidance:
Starting the week with squats is like starting the day off with a good breakfast. Sure you need to put a little extra effort in but you’ll never regret it. And I’m not talking about a crappy bowl of cereal…I’m talking eggs, fruit, COFFEE, maybe a slice of sourdough, a chicken sausage or two, shoot toss some yogurt on the fruit and you’ll cooking.

Now imagine you have that breakfast and head to the gym to squat…

You’ll be a gosh darn super hero!

And I mean a real superhero not like Batman…

On this two part day let’s hit something heavy-ish to start and then pick weights and modifications that will allow us to move well for the 12 min AMRAP.

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